Quality Development

I can offer the whole package, or any part of it, to suit your organisation’s needs:

  • analysis of your current systems and situation
  • identification and implementation of relevant quality assurance systems and standards;
  • working within your organisation to help you meet and evidence quality standards
  • carrying out initial assessments against quality standards using standard assessment tools and materials (for example ISO9000, Pqasso, CIF, IIP, Matrix, TQS)
  • producing clear reports with information analysis, evidence summaries and constructive feedback
  • working with you on action-planning for future improvement, monitoring and evaluation

I know that for successful implementation of good quality practice you need the full participation of all staff with an organisation. I work with management to ensure that they have a clear view of the actions and stages of the process, and with staff at all levels to enhance the ‘buy-in’, through facilitated workshops, one-to-ones and other information sessions. Emphasising the benefits to all is key to gaining participation, leading to any necessary change and eventual success

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