Another Couple of Busy Months, With More New Clients

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In October, Rosemary Kay (RLKP) and I started work with The Hope Centre, in St Helens. The Hope Centre is a charity which provides social care services and training to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and adults, and run the homeless centre in the town.

In August, they asked us to work with them on business development to help them become more sustainable, and to identify new income streams and potential funding opportunities. Since them we’ve met with them several times, working through the Seven key questions to consider when evaluating if public sector contracting is right for your organisation*, researching relevant information, and preparing a priorities matching diagram. We also designed and facilitated a very successful Organisation Development Day, with all the key staff, where lots of great new ideas were proposed. Work with Hope Centre carries on into December.

Throughout October and November I’ve also been working with Rosemary and Carolyn Boyce (C.E.O of South Liverpool personnel – SLP) on SLP’s Transition Fund projects.


* From the Understanding Public Sector Contracting – toolkit extract