Disabled People’s ULO Development Contract

Yesterday we got the good news that a tender RLK Partnerships (my good friend and colleague, Rosemary) and I prepared has been successful. So for the next three or four months we will be working together doing Disabled People’s ULO (User Led Organisation) Scoping and Governance work on behalf of Liverpool City Council Adult Commissioning Unit.

The key elements of the project include:

  • Identifying the current services (and gaps) for individual disabled people available in Liverpool compared to the Department of Health’s criteria for a ULO and the local demand.
  • Identifying good practical examples of good governance arrangements nationally that enables a collaborative approach for a ULO.
  • Facilitating a shared discussion and approach across ULOs in Liverpool leading to the production of a proposed governance arrangement

Looking forward to working with some new people and organisations, and to re-visiting some I’ve worked with before.