DPULO Collaboration Event

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As part of the ULO Collaboration Project, Rosemary and I held an event yesterday at the Greenbank Project. The day brought all the ULOs together to discuss both the findings from one-to-one discussions held with ULOs, and potential opportunities for collaboration.

9. Group4. Audience





The speakers were:

After round table discussions with the speakers, we had lunch and the DPULO representatives came together for a general discussion. There was general agreement that they should form a loose network to try out some ideas. This User–Led Network would be a starting point for collaboration.  rosemary and I will be writing up an event report for the ULO Collaboraton Project steering group, and I hope to be able to link to an extract here, when it’s done.

11. Afternoon (2)It was great seeing both old friends and new people who work for organisations who really make a difference for their service users: People First, Neurosupport, LADP, Breakthrough UK, MOWLL/PACTT,   Liverpool Citizens Advocacy, Mental Health Consortium, MDF, Partners in Policy Making and others.