‘Commissioning For Value’ Event

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Yesterday (8th Aug) I facilitated a workshop, with Cate Murphy,  at the Commissioning for Value Event, following on from the one-to-one support work I’ve been doing with some third sector Health and Wellbeing suppliers.

It was an interesting event, starting after a quick but tasty lunch, and there were lots of people there – many of whom knew each other, or wanted to know each other, so there was a lot of networking going on.

The speakers gave us their take on the new Clinical Commissioning Group, Social Enterprise and how they can work together, which led to a lively Q&A – even though sometimes there just weren’t answers (yet),

We had a good discussion in the workshop, mostly about collaboration to win tenders and positioing for the future, but didn’t really have the time to take it further, as the Q&A had over-run. Still, it was good to meet Carolyn Edwards and Lindsey Smith from Genie in the Gutter, Jacquie Johnston-Lynch from Action and Addiction, Marco Muller from Crass Routes, Gary Darcyfrom Merseysie Expoanding Horizons, Angharad Williams from FACT, along with Sue Neeley and Richie Henderson from the DAAT Team.

Throughout the event we were treated to a series of very inspiring short films by third sector organisations who have taken part in the project – I hope they impressed the commissioners present as much as they impressed me.

Phew -a busy (and warm) afternoon, but some good discussion and it was great to meet some on the third sector people who have been doing such good work on Health and Wellbeing in the community.