CoSE, SEN, TLIA,VCAW – will the acronyms never end?

Just started delivering Commissioning Masterclasses with Rosemary Kay, as CoSE associates, on behalf of Social Enterprise Network  Merseyside. This is part of the Transforming Local Infrastructure Alliance programme, managed by VCAW. Convoluted!

The purpose of the two day  masterclass is to:

“Help organisations explore in further detail  how they need to measure outcomes and relate these outcomes to commissioning priorities. How organisations can keep up to date on commissioning priorities and work with commissioners on behalf of their client groups”

The first one was on Tuesday, and went really well, despite the tendency of all present to take the discussion in different directions (actually, that might have been the most interesting part!).  I’m not as familiar with the Third sector on the Wirral as I am with Liverpool, so it was great to meet with new people, hear different perspectives, and learn about innovative social enterprises.

Feedback was good, and I think the people attending really got something useful out of it – even though they’ve been set homework to bring to the next session!

These masterclasses are scheduled to run again in both Wirral and Liverpool, so there’s still the opportunity to sign up – details here