Strategic and Organisational Development

My experience of working with a variety of organisations has given me practical expertise in

  • working with your board, management and teams to identify a future strategy that meets the needs and values of your organisation
  • facilitating board, management and staff workshops to undertake strategy reviews that lead to practical actions for the future
  • working with staff to turn strategy into operational and departmental plans, with measurable and achievable targets
  • facilitating the integration of a balanced scorecard approach and impact measurement into your plans
  • reporting on review outcomes (also see Reports)
  • working with you on action-planning to carry out the operational and departmental plans, and monitor and evaluate their success

I believe that it’s important that all staff in an organisation have involvement in developing the plans that impact on their day to day work. By involving people in target setting and action-planning the impact of organisational culture on the performance of businesses helps to ensure meaningful and successful progress

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