Liverpool Vision – Business Support

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RLK Partnerships has been contracted by Liverpool Vision to deliver a new tendering support programme, as part of the ERDF funded Merseyside Business Support Programme.

We want to deliver it as a project, with individual one-to-one support alongside joint activities, like we did on the previous LCC procurement project. We will be bringing in the relevant procurement representatives to meet the local businesses, and we are also in discussion with the City Council as they look to embrace the ethics of the Social Values Act 2012 and give consideration to the Mayor of Liverpool’s priorities.

As it’s a European Funded programme there is some paperwork involved, but we are going to try and make the support available as useful as possible, building on the previous work we have done with the City Council, Housing Sector and local NHS.

This Procurement Support Flyer describes what we are offering

This will keep us busy into the new year!