May Mayhem

This month I’ve been busy working on some ongoing projects:

  • Helping the lovely, but harassed, Maddy at Sanctuary Family Support – they’re starting a new project and neded some input on inducting staff and setting up data collection systems. While I was there, I gave their computers a once-over for viruses and security, too!
  • Getting started on the DP ULO project – meeting with Maureen Kelly and Gerry Tyrell at Neurosupport, then with Alma Lunt and John Perry at MCIL – interesting and usefull discussions with all of them, which will really help us.  Also had a good productive meeting with the Steering Group  with Rosemany Kay. Phil Rigby and  Kath Wallace were there, and it was great to meet Laurence Clark and Erica Skelton, too.
  • Making some minor edits to the Health Needs Review for Michelle at LPCT – got some great feedback from her colleagues, too
  • Reviewing some tender answers for BYA architects.

As you can see, I’ve been jumping from project to project – but that’s okay, I’m an Organised Person, really,  I am ;)